In this hands-on class with top Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Mikel Cain will demonstrate all his secrets and tricks to creating the perfect natural and evening look with the proper tools. Get ready to learn everything from color theory to eye lashes! Go back to the basics and understand the fundamental makeup techniques that build a strong foundation in the beauty makeup. Short lectures, video presentations, and live demonstrations are followed by guided practice emphasizing the individual elements of the proper technique to apply your makeup with your kit. As well as guiding you to the important factors to learn before taking any of our more advanced makeup classes.

We have compacted all the necessary things you will need in a powerful 1 day program. This course is a MUST have for those wanting a career as a professional makeup artist. Knowing the basics is essential in this competitive industry. Once you have mastered the basic techniques you will be encouraged and guided in creating your own unique individual style.

Class Demonstrations by Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Mikel Cain along with members of his team who will also being assisting you every step of the way. You will also learn proper skin care knowledge for all skin tones and ethnicities. It is often over looked and we find it crucial that our students have a clear understanding of how to care for as well properly color match for All skin tones.

All classes are kept to a limited amount of students to allow personalized guidance and supervision.Backstage - Mikel Cain -

MakeUp 101 – Outline:

  • Basic skin care and skin types
  • Introduction to your make up brushes and full make up kit
  • Cleaning your brushes and make up kit
  • Corrective skin techniques-Broken capillaries,patchy skin etc
  • Concealing under eye circles
  • Mixing and applying foundation for all skin types and colors
  • Reviewing face shapes
  • Contouring and highlighting
  • Corrective eyebrow shaping
  • Blush application
  • Applying powder
  • Day & evening make-up application
  • Natural day time eye make up application
  • Natural evening eye make up application
  • Achieving beautiful glowing skin
  • Bridal make up
  • Designing a signature make up look
  • Waterproofing you make up application
  • Reviewing lip glosses,lip sticks and stains
  • Learning a Dramatic smokey eye
  • Different degrees of dramatic eyes
  • Applying liquid eyeliner
  • Applying False eyelashes (both strip lashes and individual lashes)
  • Recap and review of everything we learned
  • We will discuss the business aspect of make-up
  • How to build your portfolio, approach photographers,models and modeling agencies.
  • Different careers as a make-up artist
  • Building a website
  • Etiquette on set
  • Promoting yourself and your business
  • How to eventually approach clients and find an agency to represent you Backstage - Mikel Cain -

Pro – Photoshoot:

Natural Look:
Students will prepare models for their very own photo shoot. You will also be working with Top Photographers.
Dramatic Look:
Students will begin their second look on their models and complete their shoot.
Please note-students are encouraged to bring their own models. If needed we will supply each student with a model for the day.
All students will be sent edited photos from their shoot via email. The pictures can be used for building your website, business cards as well as for other promotional materials. All costs for the shoot are included in your tuition.
Backstage - Mikel Cain -

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