Before choosing the best hair products for men you should be very careful and know which ones will work for you. The first hair product to choose should be your shampoo, which should match with your hair type. Note that the best hair products for men have the difference of premature baldness and healthy hair. When you decide to get your mens grooming tips going on you should know pliable ones are best because they are cheaper than others in the long run. For many years the best hair product for men has been Grooming Compound; a great selection as you can put it on in the mornings and it will still be looking great in the evening when you go out.

Men's 2013 Hair Tips, Trends.& Products.

Another men’s grooming tip is that you should get your hair cut at least once every four to six weeks so that you look the finest. How do modern men currently style their hair? What products are right for which one of the haircuts? What are the options for balding hair? Here we present the hair styling rules, which all men should know Men who visit the hair salon just once a year are rare these days. Nowadays, maintaining stylish hair is part of the daily routine just like keeping the body hair neat. You can successfully attend to your care routine if you use the following tips. Hair we go!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Hair:

Men used to restrict themselves to shampooing and blow-drying their hair. Today, men draw on almost unlimited resources. Whether your hair is short or long, whatever appeals to you goes. You can decide whether you want to wear an accurate form-cut like Jake Gyllenhaal or rather sport the tousled out-of-bed look of Johnny Depp. Also in fashion are the more feminine haircuts with longer fringes and fringed covering hair. You will be wearing your hair style in your work place as well. Dreadlocks, an Iroquois or punk haircut or hair styles with tribal or other motifs shaved into the hair are a matter of taste or no taste, whatever the case may be.

Hair Styling for Men: (Helpful Tools)

Aside from a hair dryer and comb, a man’s hair styling tools should also include a hair brush. Invest in a brush with natural bristles or a massage brush with rounded bristles, rubber or wood bristles. A flat iron may be useful for men as well. Be sure to buy a flat iron of good quality so that you won’t heat damage your hair and scalp. By the way, wildly growing eyebrow hairs should be plucked out using tweezers. You should regularly disinfect these tweezers with alcohol. A very small dab of wax or gel will keep the hair close to the skin.

Men need the proper products:

Short hair is best styled using gel. Gel gives short hair styles sufficient hold. Using the right amount of gel is very important. Porcupine quills and the concrete look are out of style right now

Wax or pomade is the right choice if you like your hair to fall softly. The products should also have a pleasant fragrance, Gel is not suitable for longer hair because it makes long hair rigid and hard to style.

Hair wax or styling crème helps to create a natural hair style. You should use hair spray with some caution after you have applied gel or wax to your hair. While the hair spray will provide hold, it can also make your hair appear bedraggled.

Balding Hair What to Do?

What are your options when your hair falls out? Many men have to deal with balding hair. Hair growth promoting treatments and hair transplants are possible solutions. However, the simple and cool way to deal with the loss of hair is a razor-short haircut or a bald head. Consult with your hair stylist before making your decision and don’t hesitate to ask your closest friends for feedback.

Stylish Facial Hair:

The opinions on beards are split. As a general rule, you should only grow a beard if you have enough facial hair. Meagre beards tend to look unattractive. Beards like the hair on the head are subject to trends. Three-day beards can be sexy but this is not (no longer) true for a thick bushy moustache. On the other hand, chin beards and full beards keep growing in popularity. You should not forget to take care of your facial hair. It needs to be washed at least every second day. Not all hair grows at the same speed and you should therefore trim your dry beard as needed. Wild scraggly beards are not in style at all. Special beard trimmers and electrical beard trimmers can be helpful tools for the care of your beard. The same tools are also useful to trim sideburns. Bushy mutton chops look good on only very few men. Most men look better with properly trimmed sideburns, which match the hair style and beard.

Unwanted Body Hair:

Body hair is useful but not pretty. Visible nose and ear hair can quickly result in a scruffy appearance. It is easy enough to remove them. Nose and ear hair trimmers pluck the unwanted hair out but this is a painful process. Special nose hair trimmers with rounded ends also take care of the problem. Special trimmers only cut the hair near the roots; they don’t completely remove the hair. This way, the important protective functions of the hair remain intact. Under no circumstances should you use depilatory creams in your nose and ears. These creams work well on legs, chest and back hair. In the nose and ears however they will irritate the sensitive mucous membranes.

My Men’s Products Picks:

Aveda has always positioned itself as a company which strives to create products that are botanically based and manufactured through environmentally friendly processes. Of course, As a Stylist myself i can appreciate when a company makes products that are as free of unnecessary chemicals as possible, but I’m equally concerned with performance. The Aveda Men Pure-formance line of products remain one of my FAVs!

Aveda -


The three products I tested in this category were Pure-formance Shampoo, Pure-formance Conditioner, and Pure-formance Exfoliating Shampoo. Of all of the products, the shampoo stood out as my personal favorite.

Aveda Pure-formance Shampoo:

The shampoo has a very rich texture and did a fine job of cleaning my hair and scalp with no noticeable drying or itching. Many shampoos leave my scalp feeling oily, but this product rinsed away completely. My hair and scalp felt clean and refreshed. The scent was a bit strong and lingered longer than most other products, but that’s a minor complaint. This really is a great product.

Aveda Pure-formance Exfoliating Shampoo:

I must admit, I can be a bit harsh in my reviews of exfoliating products — I’m very particular — and I found this product to be mostly useless. As a shampoo it performed quite well, but the walnut shells and jojoba beads used to give the product its scrubbing ability were just too large and sparse to be effective. For exfoliating the scalp, I strongly prefer Menscience Microfine Face Scrub or HeadBlade Head Shed, which have small, dense scrubbing agents and are far more effective.

Aveda Pure-formance Conditioner:

Overall, I liked this product. It gave my hair a bit more shine and manageability and left my scalp feeling soothed and moisturized. In the bottle, the product has a pleasant smell, but once on the hair it developed a bit of a medicinal odor — a fairly common complaint I’ve heard with Aveda conditioners. The smell was not bad, but I did not find it as pleasant as the shampoo’s fragrance.

My Styling Picks:

The Aveda Men Pure-formance line offers some truly outstanding styling options. I’ve found each to be exceptionally good, but they do have the same strong fragrance as the rest of the line and may not appeal to everyone.

Aveda Pure-formance Grooming Clay:

This is my new favorite styling product! It offers exceptional pliable hold with a natural shine. It’s great for adding texture to the hair for today’s casual “lived in” styles. A small amount can also add a bit of thickness to fine hair as well.

Aveda Pure-formance Pomade:

This pomade adds strong, pliable hold and high shine and is perfect for controlling short to medium length hair. I have used a small bit of this product to add shine and separation to longer styles as well. Unlike most pomades, this one is water-based, so it rinses clean.

Aveda Pure-formance Grooming Cream:

For medium to longer hair, this product is great for providing a soft, natural looking control. The product is not sticky and lends itself well to the types of styles which invite you to run your fingers through the hair. I’ve found this product is most effective on hair that is already dry or just slightly damp.

Aveda Pure-formance Liquid Pomade:

For light to medium pliable control and high shine, this product can’t be beat. For long shags, it is great for taking out volume and giving a more lean appearance to the style. For guys with curly hair, this product is simply fantastic. It provides exceptional shine and helps add definition and separation to curly hair. I haven’t found anything quite like it on the market.

Redken for Men Maneuver Working Wax /Best for: Smooth Control and Natural Shine:

This product is my hands-down winner for versatile styling. The product gives you clean, pliable hold and leaves a smooth, natural finish. Not too shiny, not too flat. It’s perfect for messy, textured styles as well as smooth, professional looks. This one’s always on my bathroom counter.

American Crew Tea Tree Defining Paste /Best for: Separation and Texture:

This product is similar to Redken for Men Maneuver, but with a bit more of a matte finish. It provides a pliable hold and gives the hair structure and support for a thicker appearance. This is a great product for more casual, textured styles and, used sparingly, can thicken up fine hair.

Goldwell for Men Shaping Agent Best for: Fine Hair or Light Control:

This is a very light product that provides a bit of control without being too sticky. It gives a natural shine and is excellent for smoothing down fly-aways. For guys who think their hair looks better the day after a shampoo, this product is perfect. Goldwell for Men Shaping Agent is also a good option for guys with fine hair as it will not cause the hair to separate and expose scalp.

Matrix Men EnerGel Flexible Styling Gel /Best for: High Shine That Dries Stiff.

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of gel. I think hair should be moveable and touchable. For those who simply must have all-day firm control, a fixative gel is a good option. This Matrix Men product gives high hold and shine but contains ingredients that allow the hair to bend and not flake when touched (a problem with cheaper gels).

Men-U Grooming Wax:

Sometimes good things come in small packages. This super concentrated formula (it comes in a 2.5 ounce bottle perfect for travel) requires only a very small amount to achieve big looks. This product gives a good, versatile hold without being stiff and is suitable for blow drying. I was a bit skeptical at Men-U’s claim that you can get up to 80 applications from one bottle, but for a shorter style only one or two pumps is all you need.


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