Tips for Smooth, Luscious and Moisturized Lips:


Everyone wants  to have smooth silky skin. Many of us will give great attention to body lotions and creams to achieve the soft, silky smooth skin we all seek.

On the other hand, our lips often become neglected until the dry, itchy and the uncomfortable cracking shows up. Dealing with chapped lips might cause discomfort, even when doing the simplest act like smiling.  Similar to the highly sensitive area of skin around the eyes, so is the skin on your lips very similar, both are so delicate and need special care to get the soft smooth look. Lip skin may suffer badly in the winter cold windy days or from the hot sun of the summer time. Remember that in the long run its more often easier and cheaper  to “Prevent problems than it is to “Fix” them.

How to know if you have chapped lips:

Your lips will look dry, may burn, perhaps even peeling and in more sever cases they may begin to crack and bleed. In the event it gets this far you should know that each time in the future your Lips will only become more and more sensitive. FACT: Your lips do Not have (melanin) which is the very important pigment within the rest of our skin that helps to provide protection from UV rays and without melanin our lips become more susceptible to sunburns.


Causes of chapped lips may refer to the following reasons:

Constant lip licking or biting; since saliva strips away the natural protective oils of the lips leaving them dry and sore.

  • exposure to direct sun or cold wind.
  • dehydration.
  • smoking.
  • deficiency of some vitamins.
  • using ungentle skin or cosmetic products.
  • Having some medications or specific illness.


Tips to prevent chapped lips and get the smooth soft lips:

WaterWater and more Water, drink lots of water and fluids to keep all of your skin hydrated. Remember skin care comes from within! What you put in is what you get out…. We only get one face in our lifetime so be sure to care for it and always SPF on the lips, face and body when exposed to the sun for periods of time. It may seem harmless or no big deal to some, but An essential way to keep your skin soft is to get rid of dead skin cells, the same concept when treating your lips. You will have get rid of the dead skin cells on your lips to make space for the new soft skin. To do this use a soft tooth brush and a mild exfoliating product. Then use them to brush your lips in slow circular motions. Exfoliate lips just once a week.

Use lip balms to moisturize your lips. Lip balms often contain SPF 15 or more that protects your lips from the harmful UVB sun rays and also contains natural smoothing ingredients like: almonds or olive oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Vaseline, coco butter, Bees Wax vitamins and more. Vaseline or petroleum jelly products have very good effect in soothing chapped dry lips. Use once or twice a day. You can also use good lips moisturizing cream brands including Vitamin E.

Use lipsticks, lip gloss, or lip balms that contains natural moisturizing ingredients. Use creamy lipsticks and avoid the matte lipsticks when your lips are not in good condition. Avoid previously mentioned reasons that hurts your skin like smoking.


At any given moment, you will find over five different types of  lip products in my case.  At last count, over fourteen lip products were floating around in the recesses of my large bag. Clearly in my opinion you can never have too many lip products. If you’re looking for a beauty product to stock pile, lip balms are small in size, effective in purpose, and easy on the wallet. At just a few measly dollars a pop, these four lip balms help keep your lips hydrated through spring, summer and beyond.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick:

It makes your lips feel instantly soft, and doesn’t dry them out like some lip balms tend to do… I also like the subtle, slightly herbal scent. ($13.95, Servicing - Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment:

It is super soft, very hydrating and pairs well with lipstick for a little color. ($22.50,


EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm:
 The egg shape may take a few applications to get used to, but the lasting hydration, yummy flavors (lemon, mint, pomegranate to name a few), and all-natural formula will keep you hooked. (EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm ($3.49)
Aquaphor Lip Repair :
Similar to the Aquaphor repair lotion, the rich texture of the Aquaphor lip repair works well for severely dry, cracked lips, especially for individuals with sensitive skin since it is fragrance free with no preservatives or dyes. Aquaphor Lip Repair ($4.99):
John Masters Organics Lip Calm:
 Olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter combine in this lightweight organic ‘lip calm’ that glides on more like an oil than a wax based product. ( John Masters Organics Lip Calm ($6):Lip Servicing - MAC Lip Conditioner

MAC Lip Conditioner:

I nicked a tube of MAC Lip Conditioner from a photo shoot at Milk Studios, and am obsessed with it now. It’s so thick and luxurious and it smells delicious. ($15, Servicing - Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair

Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair:

This is amazing! Only need to use one time a day and you are good! I repaired my cracked lips one winter and I was hooked. ($38,

Lip Servicing - Santa Maria Novella Lip Moisturizer

Santa Maria Novella Lip Moisturizer:

It doesn’t just coat your lips with a funky petroleum based film which I find dries out my lips even more. And it has Calendula in it too soothe irritated skin! ($32,

Lip Servicing - Kiehls Lip Balm #1

Kiehls Lip Balm #1

My skin is terrible during the winter season and I’m pretty terrible about keeping up with it! I believe Khiel’s is something I can apply once or twice throughout the day and see the difference immediately. ($7,

Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon Lip Care :
Enriched with lemon extract and vitamin E, the lemon soothes rough, dry lips and the olive oil moisturizes. The subtle scent is like a mini-Mediterranean vacation, making this an absolute favorite among the Nivea lip care line. Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon Lip Care ($2.99)

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