Brightening Finishing Powder ($50): Yeah, this is expensive. And yeah, all those pastels look a little wacky, considering this isn’t an eye palette. But one swirl of a fluffy brush over the surface of this radiant powder, and your complexion will be transformed. You’ll go from tired, saggy, sallow, and blah to perky, bright, and luminous. Swear! It’s a miracle in a compact. Dust on a sheer veil after you’ve applied the rest of your makeup and watch your complexion light up. Also, the pressed powder is infused with a skin-brightening blend of Mulberry, Grape and Scutellaria extracts and Sodium Hyaluronate (which is like a moisture magnet) to keep skin fresh, glowy, and smooth.

Sparkle Eyeshadow ($28): This new limited-edition gilded shade is in addition to the lineup of seven other shimmery, shiny shades.

#01 Silver Moon
#03 Ballet Pink
#04 Mica
#20 Cement
#22 Black Chocolate
#23 Gold Star Venus

High Shimmer Lip Gloss ($24): This is one of my favorite formulas of lip gloss, because the shimmer really does brighten up your whole complexion, without going anywhere near the realm of tacky. Available in 17  Shades.

Bare Sparkle
Black Ruby
Bronzed Heather
Electric Violet
Midnight Violet
Naked Plum
Pink Tulle
Pink Sequin
Uber Suede
Plum Gold

Extra Soothing Balm ($58): A great first step toward getting a glowing complexion.

Sheer Color Cheek Tint ($26): Sheer Pink and Sheer Berry. I have raved about the Sheer Pink shade of this product for about three years, and then they stopped making it. I’m still squeezing bits out of my old push-up stick, savoring the last morsels. And now it’s back! Honestly, my favorite cream blush ever. It’s so dewy and glides on cheeks so smoothly…it’s a dream.

Retouching Powder Collection ($36): This multipurpose powder does pretty much anything you need it to. It can stand in as a blush or bronzer. It can be used for midday or after-work touch-ups to refresh your makeup. It can be mixed with moisturizer to make your skin look extra dewy (in a good way). It also minimizes redness, soothes and calms skin, brightens, evens tone and discolorations, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and gives you an overall airbrushed look. In Yellow, Rose, Peach, White, and Brown.

White: Brightens and illuminates alabaster to light skin
Pink: Counteracts sallow undertones in alabaster to medium skin tones
Yellow: Tones down redness in extra light to medium skin tones
Peach: Warms up light skin tones. Evens out tanned and medium to dark skin tones
Rose: Gives light to deep skin tones in a healthy flush of color
Brown: Warms up dark and rich skin tones

Brow Pencil ($22): I am officially a broken record: brows can make you look totally polished and pulled-together, or like a hot mess. If you only have 30 seconds for makeup in the morning, perfect your skin and define and groom your brows! Pencil is the quickest, easiest way to fill in sparse spots, and you’ll be amazed at how fully it pulls your whole look together. The new shade Brunette will be a savior for you darker-haired ladies.

Tinted Eye Brightener ($30): Dark circles? Forget about ‘em! This magic wand will whisk them away in one swipe. This is the product you ladies battling dark circles (myself included) have been dreaming of! For an extra punch, layer it over Bobbi’s Corrector to look well-rested, healthy, and utterly luminous. Available in 10 shades (listed from lightest to darkest): Porcelain Bisque, Light Bisque, Bisque, Medium to Dark Bisque, Dark Bisque, Porcelain Peach (pictured), Light to Medium Peach, Peach, Dark Peach, and Deep Peach.


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