marc-jacobs-beauty-fall-2014 campaign

Marc Jacobs Beauty for Fall 2014

O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara ($28.00)

Create full, flirtatious lashes in an instant. This formula incorporates a special blend of soft waxes and essential oils to coat lashes in dramatic volume, as well as vitamins B5 and C to enrich and condition lashes while holding them in place for ultralong wear. The innovative double brush features an advanced design formed by stitching together two different brushes: one for enhanced lash separation, and another for mega-volume and curl. The full-body formula and dual brush design work together to lengthen, curl, define, and volumize. The result is lashes are longer, louder, and blacquer than ever before.


Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick ($42.00)

Give your complexion a touch of hydration and sheer, natural coverage with this Smart Wand Hydrating Tint Stick. It is formulated with light diffusers that provide a soft focus effect, and the roll-up dial offers on-the-go application that glides on smoothly.

  • Light (210)
  • Light/Medium (220)
  • Medium (230)
  • Medium/Deep (240)
  • marc-jacobs-beauty-fall-2014-5

Twinkle Pop Eye Stick ($28.00)

This formula glides on effortlessly for a sparkling pop of color in an instant. Choose from nine flattering shades including gleaming gemstones and glistening neutrals. The formula glides on smooth in one swipe for instant buildable coverage and can be easily layered with other shades for added drama and shimmer. The innovative Propel/repel pen provides effortless application without the need of a brush.

  • Honey Bunny Ballet pink
  • Volver Peach champagne
  • Three Shakes Milk chocolate shimmer
  • Au Revoir Pewter shimmer
  • Frannie Snow iridescent shimmer
  • Stardust Charcoal iridescent shimmer
  • On the Verge Iced grape shimmer
  • Shoshanna Teal mermaid shimmer
  • Leila Rose copper shimmer
  • marc-jacobs-beauty-fall-2014-4

Kiss Pop Color Stick ($28.00)

Give lips a burst of color—and hydration—when you swipe on this gel lip shade from Marc Jacobs. From nudes to brights, Kiss Pop offers the perfect color that lasts for hours. This high-performance lip gel features an oversized design, and itis travel-friendly for convenient application.

  • Pow! Peony pink
  • Heartbreaker Pink coral
  • Wham Coral rose
  • Pop-arazzi Electric rose
  • Headliner Berry sangria
  • Crush Tangerine red
  • Pop Bright berry red
  • Pop Rock Strawberry red
  • Smack Burgundy berry






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