Nu Skin Enterprises, International skin care company has a new addition to there expert team, Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Mikel CainNu Skin & Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Mikel Cain

As a Makeup Artist I am constantly on the search for the BEST Quality Products for my clients as well for my personal use. I have always been a little bit obsessed with skin care, as we know we only get one set of skin and we all should be caring for it properly. When clients ask, what can they do to cover up acne scars, blemishes etc? My response has always been the same, DO NOT make the focus to be covering it up, but CORRECT IT… Nu Skin is one of the Largest Advanced Skin / anti aging Companies in the World. Their Anti aging “ageloc” products are revolutionary!

Think of your body as an incredible orchestra of genes. Created by nature, born perfectly tuned. As the years go by, genes lose their beautifully tuned expressions of youth, and signs of aging emerge. Over time, your song starts to drift and the pitch changes as the key sounds flat or sharp out of tune. Re tuning a single gene can only do so much.This is where Nu Skin asked science to step in. Exclusive access to 30 years of anti-aging genetic research has gone into the art and science of identifying, targeting, and resetting, or retuning entire clusters of youth genes—what Nu Skin calls Youth Gene Clusters.

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Nu Skin has asked myself as well my Company to Team up with them many times. I was Flattered just for the Consideration, however i could not just jump at this or attach my name to them without Knowing for sure that it does EVERYTHING it guarantees and more. So I had family and friends male/female of all skin types test them out for me. I also Implemented their products into my daily routine personally as well with All my Clients. I was shocked that 100% of all who used Nu Skin’s products were more than thrilled with there results. As I continued researching I discovered that many of Hollywood’s A-List Celebrities are already using and Loving these products.

My friends, family and my own clients are always asking me what really is the best makeup, skin care etc etc… When it comes to the face I never Joke! I’m Always Honest with my answers even if they are currently using something not so great. I am happy to say that I have been using Nu Skin everyday as my personal skin care for 3 months and I will never go back. But even more excited to share that I have signed on with Nu Skin as a  Spokesman for their incredible skincare line. My team and I are so looking forward to this exciting opportunity and all that is to come…

Just a few of Nu Skin’s  A- List Clients.

mikel cain nuskin_ageloc (1) (1)


Nu Skin Tweets to Mikel Cain - www.mikelcain.com

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