MAC Tropical Taboo Cremesheen Collection

MAC Tropical Taboo Collection

MAC Tropical Taboo Cremesheen Collection

MAC Tropical Taboo Collection’s Cremesheen Glasses ($20.00 for 0.09 fl. oz.) come in four shades: Calypso Beat, Fever Isle, Japanese Spring (repromote), and Narcissus (repromote). All four are limited edition.  If you love the Cremesheen Glass formula, you’ll no doubt love at least three of the four here. I’m not the biggest fan of the formula due to how quickly it wears away coupled with how little is actually in the tube (0.09 fl. oz. vs. 0.17 fl. oz. in Lipglass), so one tube can go rather quickly.  The other is that they tend to be milky or creamy and settle into lip lines, which these do to an extent but a much lesser extent (except for Japanese Spring) than ones in the past have.  The formula is almost creamy but not terribly thick (not like Lipglass), vanilla-scented, and non-sticky.


Calypso Beat is described as a “pale neutral peach.” It’s a light-medium peach with warm, beige-y undertones and a soft, white shimmer. This was semi-opaque applied to lips, and for as light and milky as it is, it applied very, very well and evenly. There is some settling into lip lines, but the opacity helps to minimize the visibility of that. It’s one of the better milky Cremesheen Glasses I can remember trying. The big downside was that it lasted two and a half hours on me. Chanel Zephyr is sheerer. MAC Boundless Beige is very sheer in comparison. MAC Summer Sweetheart is more beige. MAC On the Scene is less shimmery. MAC Fashion Whim is a touch lighter. MAC Kiss Me Softly is less pigmented. See comparison swatches.


Fever Isle is described as a “bright red coral.” It’s a medium-dark, coral-red with fine gold shimmer. It was semi-opaque with some translucency but a lot of color. It applied fairly evenly across the lips, though there was some settling of the color into lip lines–however between the shimmer, glossiness, and color coverage, it was hardly noticeable. This gloss lasted three hours on me. Revlon Papaya is warmer, more orange. MAC Kiss Don’t Tell is lighter, pinker. MAC Star Quality is also pinker. See comparison swatches.


Japanese Spring is described as a “pale dirty pink.” It’s a sheer, milky, pale pink with subtle cool undertones and a creamy, glossy finish. It’s very sheer and just adds a milkiness to my natural lip color more than anything. Because it’s so light, it does settle into lip lines noticeably. It lasted an hour and a half on me. Urban Decay Obsessed is similar. NARS International Velvet is also similar. MAC Petite Indulgence is more pigmented. MAC Going Casual is pinker. MAC Pagoda is more pigmented and shimmery. See comparison swatches.


Narcissus is described as a “dirty eggplant.” It’s a brightened, medium-dark purple-magenta with a creamy, glossy finish


. It had mostly opaque color coverage, and it applied evenly overall and didn’t settle too noticeably into lip lines. It wore three hours when I tried it. Urban Decay Crush is pinker. MAC Style Packed is much pinker.MAC Heroine is less purple, more magenta.


The MAC Tropical Taboo Collection bursts through the jungle canopy onto MAC counters June 27! — but you can already snag it online.

MAC Exotic Ember Mineralize Blush

Exotic Ember Mineralize Blush, $25

MAC Simmer Mineralize Blush

Simmer Mineralize Blush, $25

MAC Sweet Samba Mineralize Blush

Sweet Samba Mineralize Blush, $25

MAC Adored Mineralize Skinfinish

Adored Mineralize Skinfinish, $30

MAC Gold Deposit Mineralize Skinfinish

Gold Deposit Mineralize Skinfinish, $30

MAC Lust Mineralize Skinfinish

Lust Mineralize Skinfinish, $30

MAC Rio Mineralize Skinfinish

Rio Mineralize Skinfinish, $30

MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish, $30

MAC Bossa Blue Mineralize Eye Shadow

Bossa Blue Mineralize Eye Shadow, $21

MAC Caribbean Mineralize Eye Shadow

Caribbean Mineralize Eye Shadow, $21

MAC Cha-Cha-Cha Mineralize Eye Shadow

Cha-Cha-Cha Mineralize Eye Shadow, $21

MAC Dare to Bare Mineralize Eye Shadow

Dare to Bare Mineralize Eye Shadow, $21

MAC Time to Tango Mineralize Eye Shadow

Time to Tango Mineralize Eye Shadow, $21

MAC Tropica Mineralize Eye Shadow

Tropica Mineralize Eye Shadow, $21

MAC Divine Choice Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Divine Choice Mineralize Rich Lipstick, $22

MAC Glamour Era Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Glamour Era Mineralize Rich Lipstick, $22

MAC Lady At Play Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Lady At Play Mineralize Rich Lipstick, $22

MAC Luxe Naturale Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Luxe Naturale Mineralize Rich Lipstick, $22

MAC Midnight Mambo Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Midnight Mambo Mineralize Rich Lipstick, $22

MAC Calypso Beat Cremesheen Glass

Calypso Beat Cremesheen Glass, $20

MAC Calypso Beat Cremesheen Glass wand

Calypso Beat Cremesheen Glass wand

MAC Fever Isle Cremesheen Glass

Fever Isle Cremesheen Glass, $20

MAC Fever Isle Cremesheen Glass wand

Fever Isle Cremesheen Glass wand

MAC Japanese Spring Cremesheen Glass

Japanese Spring Cremesheen Glass, $20

MAC Japanese Spring Cremesheen Glass wand

Japanese Spring Cremesheen Glass wand

MAC Narcissus Cremesheen Glass, $20

Narcissus Cremesheen Glass, $20

MAC Narcissus Cremesheen Glass wand

Narcissus Cremesheen Glass wand

MAC Ablaze Lip Pencil

Ablaze Lip Pencil, $15

MAC Heroine Lip Pencil

Heroine Lip Pencil, $15

MAC Hip 'N' Happy Lip Pencil

Hip ‘N’ Happy Lip Pencil, $15

MAC Have To Have It Lip Pencil

Have To Have It Lip Pencil, $15

MAC Orpheus Kohl Power Eye Pencil

Orpheus Kohl Power Eye Pencil, $16

MAC Tropical Taboo Swatches Mineralize Blush

Mineralize Blush from the left: Exotic Ember, Simmer and Sweet Samba

MAC Tropical Taboo Swatches Mineralize Skinfinish

Mineralize Skinfinishes from the left: Adored, Gold Deposit, Lust, Rio and Soft and Gentle

MAC Tropical Taboo Swatches Mineralize Eye Shadow

Mineralize Eye Shadows from the left: Bossa Blue, Caribbean, Cha-Cha-Cha, Dare to Bare, Time to Tango and Tropica

MAC Tropical Taboo Swatches Lip Pencils

Lip Pencils from the left: Ablaze, Have To Have It, Heroine and Hip ‘N’ Happy

MAC Tropical Taboo Swatches Orpheus

Orpheus Kohl Power Eye Pencil

MAC Tropical Taboo Swaches Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Mineralize Rich Lipsticks from the left: Divine Choice, Glamour Era, Lady At Play, Luxe Naturale and Midnight Mambo

MAC Tropical Taboo Swatches Cremesheen Glass

Cremesheen Glasses from the left: Calypso Beat, Fever Isle, Japanese Spring and Narcissus




Not pictured from the collection: the Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline ($15), Zoom Lash Zoomblack Mascara in Rich Black ($16), 287 Duo Fibre Eye Shadow Brush ($32), 159 Duo Fibre Blush Brush ($35) and 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush ($42).


The MAC Tropical Taboo collection collection’s available now online.,


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