Melissa Veszi, better known by her stage name HunnyB, is a Canadian born singer, song-writer, actress, dancer and model. Born into a musical household it came as no surprise when she began to pursue her career as a pop star. Performing nearly her entire life, HunnyB found herself indulging into the world of arts and entertainment at a very young age. She started taking ballet, jazz and tap lessons, vocal lessons, and studied the likes of music icons such as Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, and the unforgettable Whitney Houston.

Taking notice that her love for music was evolving into something greater, HunnyB knew what she had to do in order for her evolution to begin. Currently putting the final touches on her debut EP, HunnyB has come a long way from her humble beginnings and is now preparing herself for a lifelong career in pop music culture. “Music is in my heart and my blood,” says the singer.

That same heart and blood has been the driving force of her inevitable career. Making the stage her home away from home, she has had opportunities to tour over Canada doing musical stage productions, in addition to singing the national anthem at MLB games, and leaving sold out audiences at the National Ballet of Canada in complete awe at her talent.

In addition to her pursuit as a musician, HunnyB has also become quite heavily involved in the film and television industry and has worked for TNT, UPN, GLOBAL and CTV. Now working with hit maker, producer NHD of NHD Productions, HunnyB is creating a formula of hits that will change the state of pop music as we know it. “My current project sounds like one hit after another, she laughs.

It will sound very poppy and energetic, well at least the dance tracks will. The ballads will be sweet and heartfelt; songs that are relatable to everyone listening,” says the singer. Her first two singles “The Unknown,” which is a pop ballad and “Jack,” which is an amazing dance track have been released on iTunes and in all online stores; both tracks will appear on her upcoming EP set to release in Spring of 2012.

HunnyB has had the opportunity to explore multiple music genres, which lead her to find her musical liberation. She is not only able to write pop music, but because of her musical talent, is able to write all genres of music for other artists as well. With so much under her belt already, HunnyB will soon surpass her musical peers with her sweet angelic voice and continue to buzz.



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