Creating Radiant Skin:

Radiant skin is the key to beauty. When skin appears flawless, everything else sparkles. Even if your complexion has issues, you can still achieve a luminous glow by using the right products – for your skin type – in the right

Dry Skin:

For dry skin, start by applying a luminizing face primer all over to eliminate dry patches. Follow with a liquid or cream foundation; tints or powders create drier-looking skin. Blend well, including over the eyelids, into the hairline and a little down the neck. Then use a pink-toned concealer under the eyes and a foundation-shade concealer on trouble spots. Next, apply a cream shimmer in a highlighting shade like pale pink, bronze or pale gold on top of the cheekbones. With more mature skin, be sure to avoid putting shimmer near lines around the eyes. Dust a sheer translucent powder only on the t-zone. This will leave your cheeks looking dewy fresh. You can dust a little powder across the eyelids using an eye shadow brush; too much powder around the eye area looks cakey. A light touch will just prevent eye makeup from running.

Oily Skin:

If your complexion is oily, use a primer to even out your complexion and apply a liquid foundation or tint. Apply sparingly to face and follow with a translucent powder. (Colored powders will streak on oily skin.) If you want to create a natural glow, don’t powder the tops of the cheekbones. Stay away from cream to powder foundations as they tend to smudge and discolor during the day when mixed with your skin’s natural oils. If you want to apply a powder shimmer after your foundation, sweep a light dusting on top of your cheekbone with a fan brush but use sparingly. Carry blotting papers with you for touch ups throughout the day.

Combination or Problem Skin:

For combination or problem skin, slick on primer as your first step and stick with the liquid foundations that contain natural ingredients and that are paraben-free. This type of formula looks great and stay put all day. For blemishes, I like to spot conceal rather than cover the entire face with suffocating foundation. For spot concealing use a small-tipped concealer brush and dip it into a bit of concealer. Dab on the spot and lightly blend with the brush. For ladies with rosacea try blending on a bit of yellow hued conceal after foundation to eliminate any redness.

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